Enable and Disable defined Motion Zones in Modes

I really like the new ‘Modes’ feature… but what would really make it useful is to be able to enable and disable defined motion zones per device (individual motion zones can already be toggled on and off once they’re defined and saved). I have a Spotlight Cam in the garden with two defined zones (one covering the lawn, the other covers the side gate). It would be useful for me to have the Home Mode be able to disable the ‘lawn’ zone but keep the ‘side gate’ zone on and for the Away Mode to have both lawn and side gate enabled. This would allow the kids to play on the lawn when we’re at home without setting off notifications… but still have the side gate monitored… but when we’re out or at night time, just switch to ‘Away’ to have everything secured.

This and another request wrap modes into the request. What about the timer to disable just a zone rather than the entire device? Use the Motion Schedule feature to do this.

I have a zone that covers my whole front lawn/sidewalk. I turn this on every nitght and off every morning. Automagic timer would be awesome.

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Came her to ask the same thing. 9 nights of 10 I forget to change the alarm to night time. Ideally, my lounging area would be excluded for the day time and when night time schedule kicks in, an alarm would bring actual concern, as I tend to get notification fatigue from folks walking their dogs in my yard (as they are welcome to).