Email verification link not received

I created a new email account on my domain, specifically for Ring. When creating my Ring account, I received an email with 2 factor authentication numbers, which I entered. I was then sent to another screen asking to click the link in the verification email, which has never arrived. I have requested the email many 10s of times over the last 2 days with no luck. I tried to discuss the issue with the helpline yesterday, but the operator didn’t seem to understand the issue. I can see others have had the same issue, but can’t see any resolutions. I am using said email address to create an account on this form and receive notifications.

I have had to use my gmail account, which I don’t want to really, when setting up that account I wasn’t asked to click the link, so I can’t see what address it would have been sent from. I have spoken to my hosting company and they have checked the server logs, but can find nothing untoward. They have asked me to provide the email address the verification email would be sent from so they can investigate further.

I do receive from, so does the verification email address come from elsewhere? Any assistance greatly received as this is driving me bonkers now!



Looking through Mailwasher on my pc, I can see mails received from:, Looking through cpanel on my server, I can see it tracked emails that was bounced back, but no further information. There is only one entry though, even though I have pressed the verify button many, many, many times already. This is even though I turned off all spam protection on the account (I know as my inbox filled substantially with rubbish).

My investigations continue, not sure if I will ever get a resolution though as the other emails I have seen about this problem seem to have given up.


Hi @Marksfish. It sounds like the verification email is getting blocked somewhere, although I don’t want to speculate too much given that the Community is a public forum and I can’t see any account information. I know you reached out to our support team before, but I would recommend following up with our support team for further assistance with this. You may need to be escalated to advanced support, but they will be able to look more in-depth on this with the information you found as well. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Thanks for replying @Caitlyn_Ring . I have spoken with support again today and they said that the email address was blocked your end and they would release it. However, it still doesn’t appear to have been released and my email host has said that no email from has been through the server today. I’ll give it a bit longer, then see if I can escalate it further as it definitely seems to be a Ring issue at the moment. Just a shame it all has to be don’t through phone support as when I call, I have to go through everything again whereas email. secure message/ ticket leaves a trail.


My problem is solved now. Apparently a “not known” response was received from my email server in response to something Ring sent, so it was blocked by them. CS have unblocked it from their lists and I have verified the email account I wanted to use in the first place. So, anyone having the same problem, ask CS to get tech support to check the email block list.