Elvox 887B / Two Plates

Hi guys,
I have an 887B and everything’s working fine (actually the audio quality on the ring is much better than my old 887b speaker) but anyway, I’m facing a problem (I think due to the configuration of my Elvox plates on the entrance).
As some of you wrote, I have 2 plates wich opens the relative door with an unique button based on where the call is coming from.
BUT, normally, if someone rings to me, I have to first answer in order to be able to unlock the door with the button.
With the Ring intercom instead, i can press the unlock button and the door correclty opens BUT the other plate remains in “Occupied” state.
Instead, if I first click on talk and then I unlock the door, everything works fine.
I think Ring team should simulate the “Answer” before unlocking the door.
This can help with situations like mine where the plates are programmed in a different way

Anyone faced this issue?

Hi @kekkokk! Welcome to our Ring Community. We’re glad you’re here!

I’ve split your response into a separate thread since you have a question about a different model. This will make it easier for other community members to find and join the discussion.

We’d be more than happy to assist you. Could you please share some pictures of your current wiring? This will help us better understand your situation and provide you with the appropriate guidance. For more immediate support, you can also reach out to our Ring Intercom customer support team. You can find more information about Ring Intercom support here: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/10070641988500-Ring-Intercom-Support.

Thank you for your contribution, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi @kekkokk. We’ve checked in with our experts from the Ring Intercom team and unfortunately we have to let you know that the Elvox 887B is currently not compatible with our Ring Intercom. Additionally, it is also not possible to change the pre-setup for the problem you’re describing that you have to ring the doorbell before you’re able to open the door using the Ring app. Don’t hesitate to contact us again in case of any other questions regarding this.

Hi kekkokk i bought the intercom yesterday and i tried to pair it with my elvox 887B but when i try to test it (last step to complete the setup) i have connection problem, i tried to contact assistence but they said to me that my elvox was not compatible with intercom, can you tell me how you connect your elvox to the intercom to make it work? Thank you
Sorry for my bad english i’m italian


@kekkokk would you mind posting a picture of your wiring? I’m in exactly the same situation as you and would love to be able to get mine working, even with the problem you mentioned.
Many thanks!!

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