Eliminate dual password entry when using desktop login

This is a rookie mistake. When using the desktop app you are asked for the username and password. Then it removes the password and performs 2-step authentication and asks you to enter code. Then you have to re-enter password.

Coding 101, either retain password when entering auth code, or ask for username, perform 2-step auth and then ask for password.


I know this is a pain, doesn’t seem neeeded.

I thought this was only happening to me!

The whole 2-step authentication is driving me nuts - it demands I log in AGAIN every time I open a new page, follow a link. Even banks don’t do that!

Bump, please get one of your interns on this easy fix.

If you are talking about the Windows 10 native app you should quit using it as it is going away and there won’t be any fixing of issues.
However, if you are talking the website, then try clearing your browser’s cache or an In Private browser session because when I go to the browser version I get asked for my username, then my password, then my code. Nothing additional.

Haven’t used the app in years. Not a browser or caching issue either, just bad UX design

Well, I don’t get asked for a second password entry, so figuring out what’s up with your setup/configuration will likely solve it for you and others who’ve encountered similar. I use TOTP for my 2nd factor, so that might be the difference.

Good luck.

I shouldn’t have to, not all Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs are configured identically nor do they all receive the same updates as they are based on your specific configuration. That is where UX comes in. Ring is still being run as a stepchild along with Blink as Amazon tries to figure out a strategy to integrate the two. I feel like a Beta tester.