Eero Pro compatibility without Ring Alarm Pro

I just upgraded to an Eero Pro 6e router and cannot get my doorbell or outdoor camera to connect to the main network. They both connect fine to the guest network. There were some older threads about this that are now closed with the official solution from Ring being to just buy the Ring Alarm Pro. But I don’t want a Ring Alarm Pro, I want my existing Ring products to work on my main wifi network. It is mind boggling that this is an issue considering the Ring Alarm Pro has an Eero Pro built into it… Why are my devices having issues with a regular Eero router?

Hi @JaRo. The Feature Request Board is where neighbors can post suggestions and ideas for future products and feature updates. For troubleshooting questions, such as if your Ring devices are not connecting to your wifi network, please post your topic in the most relevant category. Please be sure to include important details, such as which model of Doorbell or Camera you have as well as a brief description of your concern. You can include screenshots if you’re seeing any particular error messages, as that will help other members of the Community better understand what you’re seeing on your end.