Editing software

I’m not thinking anything fancy…nothing like what is used to make movies… I’m thinking it would be nice to have the ability to cut , crop , voice distort , remove audio and blur… such abilities would be useful in concealing one’s identity , personal information and allowing a person to adjust the video to blur out sensitive images.

It would be great to trim videos to show just key captured activity. This will help greatly with bandwidth and speed downloading. The possum or person may be in and out of frame quickly, so trimming the tail of the clip would be a huge help.

It would be great if the system sense motion by closely related time so multiple clips might be displayed in one window. If they could be all trimmed THERE and then downloaded, that’d be a help.

Even better if they could be trimmed and merge into a single video file mimicing the display order, then one would have a logical time-captured sequence of activity (say if someone walked around a home casing it) you’d have a common-sense “movie” of the time-related action.

Dragging/dropping trimmed clips in a timeline sure would be nice.