EcoBee thermostat compatibility

I believe this might’ve already been suggested but just to get this out there I personally would love to see ecobee thermostat comparability. I have a pretty decent amount of smart home devices and I really like keeping all of them together and in sync as much as possible. One thing I belive ecobee has is they have their own window and door contact sensors that are able to detect when a window or door is open which can be setup to stop running the heat or AC to prevent power waste. Which in my opinion is very nice. Would love to see a similar integration with ring window and door contact sensors. Another thing that I saw on here was someone mentioned ring smoke alarm working with the ecobee thermostat that would automatically shut down the HVAC if smoke or CO was detected, to prevent spreading the dangerous fumes throughout the house. As well when the system is in home or away mode it could also have automations that control the thermostat when no one is home. Or if it’s in home mode and we want the heat to come on when we get home or bed time, etc… Overall integrating more smart home devices in with ring would be awesome, and I know I’m definitely not the only one who thinks keeping smart home devices together makes things work better throughout the home.