Echo won't work with Ring

I have 4 Ring devices and I connected my Echo device using the Ring skill. I want to be able to change the modes using the echo. When I say “Alexa, arm Ring” it says: “Ring doesn’t support that” or “Alexa, set RING to home mode” it says, “sorry I didn’t find a device named Ring.” So what am I doing wrong?

Hi there, @xcountry02! It sounds like you have followed all the right steps for this to work. As shown in our help center article about arming with Alexa, setting up the skill and using the commands should work as intended.

Try checking out the Alexa Guard settings and the Alarm Base Station settings in the Alexa app as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Marley_Ring for the feedback, I’ve already setup Alexa Guard as well, and it does work but when I use Ring to set modes it doesn’t (and I really need this to work). If I am doing everything right, where do I go for troubleshooting help?

Of course, @xcountry02! Sorry I forgot to ask, but are you using a Ring Alarm system here? The Ring Alarm system is needed to get the most out of Alexa Guard and to use Modes changes commands. In other words, if you do not have Alarm and have Ring Cameras and Doorbells only, the Alexa commands you would need are for Alexa announcements.

Please also double check that Alexa is set to enable Disarm by voice, by going to Alexa app, click Devices, click All devices, click on Ring Alarm and click Disarm by voice toggle on. Although, it sounds like Alexa was able to hear your attempts, as you described prior.

I recommend removing and re-adding your Ring device and Ring skill, as well as trying different routines to see if any of them work as intended. This should certainly yield some results, if not resolve this concern entirely. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring, thank you for the super quick response , so I have the Ring Protect Plus, and as I said 4 Ring Cameras and 2 chimes. I assumed the Ring Alarm system was included in that, is that something different? If so then what is the Ring Alarm system and where do I get it?

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That makes sense, sorry about that confusion. The Alarm system can be found here at, and would definitely expand the integration options available with Alexa. Having the Protect Plus Plan is great as well, because this will come with many Alarm benefits, such as professional monitoring.

If you have any additional questions come up as you shop or setup the Alarm, ask away! :slight_smile: