Echo Show shows Ring Doorbell 4 camera half of the time

Hi I have a problem, hopefully somebody can help.
When I say ‘Alexa show the front door’ the response is always ‘Ok’ but many times nothing shows on screen. I get same problem when I press the doorbell button. I always get verbal notification on all devices. Alexa works on my LG Tv and shows camera every time, the ring app is also working fine. I have tried reinstalling the Alexa skill and I have placed both devices next to my router. It does work some of the time but it isn’t reliable right now. I have a Bt home hub router that is broadcasting combined 5ghz/2.5ghz signal. It appears doorbell is connected to 2.5ghz. So in summary problem appears to be with echo show/Alexa skill or possibly the router. I’m even considering adding a separate WiFi router to narrow the problem. Any ideas ?

I find mine hit or miss sometimes with my Echo Show and various Ring cameras. I’ll say the “miss” is very few in number but still happens.
I sometimes wonder if its due to Ring having the cameras “sleep” much of the time and only waking on demand. Maybe when we “demand” our Echo’s to display the video from the cameras the camera just doesn’t wake up in time before some undisclosed timeout happens.
I’m using a Mesh system (1 router, 2 satellites) so I don’t think you’ll necessarily solve this particular issue with a new WiFi access point.

Thanks , I think you’re right about the timeout but for me it’s quite frequent issue and I’m guessing this doesn’t affect everybody. I want the echo device to show camera every time the button is pressed not just sometimes

Anybody else have any ideas. The ring app works perfectly but Viewing the doorbell using echo show is very unreliable. Saw some suggestions about changing the channel on my router. All WiFi signals are close to 100%