Echo Show(s) not showing Live Video or notifications on screen when button pressed

Hi All,

Thanks for letting me be part of the community. I recently bought two Ring door bells and new echo show 5 in Prime day deals… it was so cheap…! i am in the UK

Anyway haven’t fitted doorbells yet but wanted to setup first and see how they work. Both bells are connected and running, from battery, i have enabled alexa skills, set up which echo’s announcement on bell press.

However, when i press the button the Echo’s ring and announce which bell has been pressed - however echo show’s don’t show anything on the screen at all - don’t even come up with a graphic let alone show a live feed. I believe live view should come up automatically when bell is pressed.

If i press the bell and ask ‘Alexa, Answer the Side Door’ it does then login and show me a live view or if on a normal alexa 'talk to the side door… ’

Driving me and the household insane with me testing :slight_smile:

I have tried:

  • Deleting skill, doorbells and re-adding

  • Change email address for Ring to same as Amazon as I read someone did that - although that makes no sense

  • Rebooting Echo Show

  • Only have one echo show in announcement list and removing all other devices of which there is a lot

Can Anyone help please?

_ TLDR: Press button Echo Show doesn’t show live view automatically? _

Hi @bounderboy. Does the Live View pull up on any other devices? If your Live View in general is having issues, it would cause your Echo Show to also have issues. Here is a Community article for troubleshooting Live View. If your Live View works on other devices, such as a phone or tablet, just not on your Echo Show, try going here for support on the Echo Show.

If you need support with your Doorbell and it’s Live View function, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times.

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Did you rename your Echo Show at some point? Sounds like the same issue:

Ahh thank you good spot. I added a new Echo Show (to make it 3 in my household) before I installed my Ring doorbells. But didn’t rename I don’t think…

Also if I had renamed would that mean it wouldn’t work on any of them.

After a few days now - I get notifications of Movement on my Echo Show screens but nothing on screen when door bell is pushed on either device. I get the sound alerts as expected.

I can view or talk to cameras from my echo shows no problem at all

It’s very odd indeed

same issue here, my echo show will play the notification sound when the ring door bell is pressed, however no video is playing automatically, meanwhile all other devices such as iphone, ipad can receive the notifications as well.

Same here, plus a friend of mine is having the same issue. Their status page says all operational but I think there’s a wider issue going on.

I can ask Alexa to view but when the door rings it does not autoshow.


I am having the same issue as described above, my friend is also having the same issue.

Same for me and my friend. I can view if I ask via Alexa but it doesnt autoshow. Nothing has changed on my settings.

Still having same problem - however it did work once that I noticed :slight_smile:

Actually just tried now and one echo showed picture and other didn’t - perhaps it can only send to one echo show at a time… and I am looking at wrong one :slight_smile:

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Issue still ongoing - was working again a few days ago, now not working again. What is going on RING?!?

I am experiencing the same issue on my new Echo Show 5 I purchased today to go with my Ring Doorbell Pro. Called Amazon and they say that live view is not a feature so very disappointed with feedback while the Alexa App says that Announcement and Live View will work on devices with screens. Hope Ring can help here in this forum though they are also part of Amazon.

That is odd response from Amazon - it is a feature it does work - just not all the time!

I have had similar issues with my ring notifications but have noticed that the echo show that wasn’t working had a do not disturb setting activated. As soon as this was removed via the Alexa app it resolved the issue.

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Did anyone get this fixed? We just got the Ring and Echo Show for Christmas. We can hear the notification on all our devices including our new Echo Show, but the Echo Show does not show a live video. The echo show also won’t show the video when we ask it. It says it doesn’t see the device even though it obviously does because it is playing the sound from the Ring when the doorbell is rung.

Hi @kspeck. If any of the suggestions previously mentioned in this thread are not helpful in resolving your concern, I would suggest checking out this Help Center Article here. It will go over some troubleshooting steps on getting your Alexa devices to work with your Ring devices, and it links out to Alexa’s support team at the bottom should those steps not do the trick. I hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:

Don’t know if it’s the same issue, but I got mine working by going into the Alexa app and opening Devices|Cameras||Doorbell Press Announcements|Enable

I’m having this issue, everything works except my Echo shows don’t show video, just a text splash “Motion at the front door” etc.
I saw a support rep said a work around using Actions, but this is no good as it permanantly opens the video feed so bubye doorbell battery if no one tells alexa to stop!

Just want to confirm that this also affects me.

It worked when first installed last week then I noticed live view wasn’t being automatically displayed on the 2 Echo Shows any more. I removed the Ring doorbell from Amazon and then re-added and it started working again but that only lasted a day. Very frustrating.

Go to Amazon Alexa app > click on more ( bottom right) > Settings > Device settings > click on you ring device ( for me it’s ring video door bell > turn on device press announcements.

For me that fixed the issue. I hope it does for you guys as well.

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I own it echo show 10 or the large one I own a echo 8 and echo 5 I hate the echo show 5. What I don’t like is the fact that it’s on 24 hours a day and even though I tell it screen off it will be for just a few minutes and then it pops open. It’s very aggressive and I’m sure it’s the marketing advertisers dream but you can’t go that way. My echo show 5 won’t even work properly, I really want to ditch it and get something better. It will not open automatically when my pro ring doorbell rings. I also have a ring doorbell 2… On my back door and that also won’t function with echo 5 either. I’m okay with extra 8 and even echo show 10. I wonder if Amazon will let me get full value when I paid for it for it and up ready device like eight or even maybe that new 10, no maybe not the motorized one since a lot of people have been complaining about it. They haven’t got the kinks worked out in it.