Echo Show Not Showing Ring Doorbell Video w/ Announcement


I hope i can get help here as i have tried with Amazon and they havent been able to resolve the issue.

I have the 2nd generationg Ring DoorBell. I have 2 Amazon Echo Shows in my house. One in the living room near my modem/router and close to the Ring. The second one is in my basement on the other side ofthe house from my modem/router.

When i get a ring notification, I am getting the notification and video on my first echo show, the one in the basement only gives the notification acts like it is connecting to, but never does so no video.

I have reset the echo show multiple times, i have also disabled and enabled the ring skill from the Alexa app. I have my iphone connected to the echo show via bluetooth.

Would the distance from the modem/router play a factor to this issue? I do have a wifi extender in my house midway between the area the second echo show is and my modem and Ring.

I really hope i can get answers as the only reason i have the show in the basement is for the ring video notification.

Thank you for your help.

i don’t no if this would help you but today my echo show would not display my ring camera after playing about with my new router setting . i changed the last 2 digits .69 of the ip address for the echo show in my router settings and it started to work .