Echo Show Cameras to be used like Ring Cameras

I want to use my Echo Show 15 cameras as additional surveillance cameras in the Ring System.
This should be a no-brainer feature considering Echo Show devices are wildly sold.

What is especially annoying, the Ring app even lists the Echo Show and tells me how to set it up for this. Only it is not an available feature. It is silly having to place an additional camera next to an Echo Show to get the same video/picture surveillance that the Echo Show could provide directly.

I have a couple of Ring cameras and three Echo Show devices (with integrated cameras).

Amazon, please integrate my Echo Show cameras into the Ring app to include the same features, including but not limited to motion detection and recording) as my Ring branded cameras.

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I agree, I want this feature too and I agree with the poster who said it misleadingly seems like it’s a feature in the Ring app, but doesn’t work when you try to add it as an Alexa-controlled device (even with Home Surveillance Mode switched on in the echo show’s camera settings, which the ring app leads you to believe will make this feature work).

Myself and my partner both have logins to the Ring app and we both frequently check the video feeds on our own phones. But we have an echo show in our bedroom and my partner can never log onto the Alexa app, to watch its camera feed, so it would be awesome if the feed from this echo show’s camera could sit amongst the other feeds in the Ring app.

So the ring seems less & less useful for me. Now I see I cannot add my Show as a camera. Not cool, when I go away I would like to ensure the house sitters stay out of certain areas & want to check on my cats. Also no option to have visual alerts without audio alerts which is super annoying when family is on & out all day. Would still like to see if a creep is coming to the door without having to hear about it or see it on my phone. I have only had this for 72 hours & really not enjoying it. The cameras are too expensive for me to buy multiples… why even have the option to connect to echos if it cannot actually do it? Another issue is the mode settings are silly. There are only 2 options & not adjustable in any way. It’s a completely useless feature. I feel like it will probably get worse the longer I have this.