Echo Show 8 mic not working

Hi There,

I have installed the Ring doorbell 2nd gen and connected it with my Echo show 8. If I access the doorbell from the echo show manually (live view) the mic mic works perfect and i can talk to the person at the door.

However, when someone rings the doorbell the feed automatically comes up on the echo show but I cannot speak to them. The mic doesn’t work (I’ve pressed the mic button on the screen etc). Has anyone encountered this problem? If I say alexa talk to the front door the feed opens and the mic works but its only when someone rings the doorbell and the feed appears it doesn’t work. Is it a bug I wonder?

I have the same issue with Echo, when someone rings I activate the mic on the Alexa but they can’t hear me. I’ve searched the web but can’t find a solution so suspect it’s a fault with my Echo hardware. really don’t know whrer to go from here :frowning:


I got my echo show replaced after speaking with Amazon customer support and the same issue again with the new one
so it’s an issue with the software it seems…

Can anyone from Ring please advise? This is not a hardware issue as I’ve tried this on two brand new echo shows and it’s the same issue

I’m having the same issue the echo show 8 was working fine before but now it’s just stopped who do we contact as I’m disabled in an electric wheelchair and rely on the doorbell to let my carer’s in I’m lost without out and my phone will connect to it but it’s slower than the show and less convenient I’ve never been on a forum before but I’m at a loss what to do any help

Same Issue is with Ring Doorbell 1st generation. Also I can confirm that this is not working with Echo Show 5. Before was working as a charm. Issue started before week or so

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Hi there, neighbors! When the microphone is not working on the Echo Show, please attempt the live view from your mobile device to see if your microphone is working then. If so, this is a great sign that your Ring device and Ring app are functioning properly. It’s always a good step to confirm a strong wifi signal, in which our Community post about RSSI can help with. Please also consider the distance between your Echo Show and router. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m having the exact same issue with a Video Doorbell 2nd generation and Echo Show 5. It’s becoming a real issue as the primary user isn’t able to physically interact with their phone or the touchscreen of the Echo Show. The only method is with their voice and it’s not working.

Is someone able to take a look? Thanks


Hi I have finally sorted this issue out I contacted Amazon after going through the factory reset of the echo show 8 and checking WiFi etc they sent me a replacement echo show 8 but the same problem persisted so it’s not the echo show it’s the ring doorbell Amazon customer service sent a link to contact ring which I did and we went through the same thing checking all settings app permissions WiFi strength etc he then remote linked into the doorbell and the doorbell mic was not working so they sent a replacement it arrived the next day and was fitted and it works perfectly again thank goodness. They sent a brand new replacement as it was only 8months old just a note when setting up the replacement doorbell do not remove the old one as the account plan needs to transfer to the new device and once installed it will take over the current plan, inside the box is a yellow edged instructions from ring follow those to set up replacement device to ensure you plan is moved to new device if you do it wrong you can contact ring customer service and they can ensure the plan is on the right device. Ring customer service was excellent compared to Amazon echo service. Also when Amazon send you a replacement echo show 8 device be warned it will be refurbished and like the one they sent me had holes in the speaker fabric when I said my echo show 8 was not even a year old and immaculate condition they said this is what they replace the device’s if it’s not faulty within 30 days of purchase they will replace it with a second hand refurbished device I was disappointed and disgusted by this lucky that it was the doorbell that had the fault so I could return the Echo Show 8 refurbished replacement they sent me. Ring customer service when I asked if it would be a new doorbell that was being sent as the replacement they said it would be my doorbell was only 8 months old and I received a brand new sealed boxed replacement. Return of the old device is easy they sent a label in the replacement device box and an instruction sheet .


Thank you for sharing these updates with us, @Roguemowie! Sorry to hear that it took some time, but I’m glad to hear you were able to find a solution. I appreciate your diligence and patience with it.

This will certainly help other neighbors who might have the same concern. Resetting the Echo device and troubleshooting the Ring and Alexa devices with both support teams is a great way to cover all variables. Thanks again for being a great Community neighbor! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with my doorbell 2. Very recently my microphone stopped working on my echo show 8 when someone rings the doorbell. I hear them, but they can’t hear me when I activate it. If I try to trigger the on demand live view and then activate the microphone, it works as normal. It’s only when the doorbell is pressed and the live view automatically appears that I can’t talk to them. It’s clearly a software/firmware bug because resetting the skill, the echo or the ring device did nothing. And actually the mic works fine when you use on demand live view, so it’s not hardware related. Please fix this terrible bug soon, I can’t talk to people who ring my doorbell! I have to stop the live view on my echo show 8, then ask alexa to show me the front door, and only then my mic works again. It was working fine until very recently, an update you pushed must have broken things.