Echo show 5 error P13-01 explanation

I’m going to ask this question because not once has the answer been given. Why does the ring app say I can link my echo show 5 to the right app for security monitoring. It even tells you how to turn the camera function on for the echo show 5 in the ring app. It makes total sense to use the show’s camera as a movement sensor and the ring app even tells you that you can. Why do staff on here say you can’t without explaining why the app says you can and even searches for it.

Hi @Rockall. This Help Center here highlights how to integrate an Amazon Alexa-Enabled device. Be sure that your Ring app and Alexa app are both up to date. Next, make sure that your Ring Account and Amazon Account with the Alexa-Enabled device are linked. As you can see here, all Echo devices are compatible. Be sure that the devices are on the same WiFi network and that your phone does not have a VPN enabled.

That is not what I’m talking about

Hi @Rockall. Can you share screenshots of which screen in the Ring app tells you that an Amazon Echo device can be used as a camera and motion sensor? There is a Ring and Alexa integration, which allows you to use compatible Amazon Echo devices to activate the Live View from your Ring Doorbell and Camera. That integration is what the article Tom shared is about.