Echo Show 5 does not get Ring 2 notifications

I installed my ring and my echo show 5. When the doorbell is rang, I only get a notification on my cel. Thus, I have no doorbell sound inside my house at all beside my cell phone. Should my Echo 5 make a sound when the ring is used from someone arriving? I know it is connected because I am able to ask Alexa to show front door but that is it. HELP!!!

yes, go into Amazon Alexa app,

Bottom right of screen Devices

Pick Doorbell and select motion toggle switch

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Let us know if @breakNegg advice helped!

It did not. I deleted my device from the app and re-installed everything at home and in my cel. I also spent an hour with Amazon (Alexa customer service) resetting my echo in all ways possibles and they advised to contact ring. It is a bit frustrating because it feels I have done everything I can to troubleshoot.

Did you ever get this fixed? I am having exactly the same problem: will show the camera when I request it, but no chimes when someone pushes the doorbell, except on my phone.

Hi neighbors! It looks like you are definitely using compatible and supported Ring and Alexa devices. This functionality should be working as long as both apps are up to date, Ring is enabled, and the desired routine or skill has been setup. Also, a Doorbell press should be announced, regardless of your motion settings.

Check out our help center article for instructions on setting this integrations and more information on how it works. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. I can access my camera from my Echo Show but I don’t receive motion or doorbell notifications. I’ve enabled communications and announcements on my Echo Show.

Same issue, Alexa is announcing ‘someone is at the Front Door’ but nothing’s happening on the screen

Hey neighbors! If the steps in my previous response did not help to resolve these concerns, check out our Community post by Riley. This covers troubleshooting steps, instructions on use of this integration, and more! :slight_smile:

Were you able to get it to work? I am having the same issues.

Same issue here.

I can ask Alexa to show the front door (Ring peephole camera) and it works but I get no notifications of motion or doorbell press on the Echo Show 5.

Hi, I followed the above instructions and even turned on motion and doorbell press announcements, but I am still unable to receive notifications through my echo Show and Dot devices.

I am not sure if you ever got it to work considering it has been a year since the original post. After being on the phone for over a hour I figured it out myself. Go to the Alexa app. Click on the menu (icon with 3 lines). Go to settings. Click on notifications, then smart devices. Click on whatever you named your ring doorbell. Click on announcement devices. Make sure all of your compatible devices have a check mark next to them.
Also on your ring doorbell device page, make sure you have enabled announcements and motion notification.
I hope you have resolved this, and if not I hope this helps you and everyone else that is having trouble. I seen a lot of people was having this problem with their echo show 5, so this might be something that needs to be modified for easier setup.