Echo Show 10 Gen 3 Refuses to Display Ring 2 Video Though Routine Preview Works!

Not sure which device is at fault, (The Ring or Echo Show, or maybe the Alexa App), though Ring is owned by Amazon, so hopefully I can get to the bottom of it without one blaming the other.

I have the Ring 2 standard doorbell, the Echo Show Gen 3 model T4E4AT, and both have been updated to latest firmware, etc. The Alexa app is running on my iPhone and it’s also updated to latest version.

The Echo Show will display the Ring video if the Ring button is pressed or if I tell Alexa to Show Front Door. The problem is that the Echo Show refuses to perform the routine I created in the Alexa app, just like many others have, to automatically show the Ring video on the Echo Show when the Ring detects motion.

I tested the routine by pressing the Play routine option. The Echo Show says, “Ok!” (which becomes quiet annoying after a while), shows loading screen, then correctly displays the Ring video feed! Yet, during normal operation, when I get notified on my phone that motion was detected from the Ring, the Echo Show refuses to perform this routine. Nothing happens! I know motion is detected because my phone confirms it.

So, to confirm that the Echo Show actually detects the motion or is at least notified from my phone, I also enabled the option Announce Motion Detection from the Alexa app. So, now when motion is detected, the Echo Show will display and speak, “Motion detected at front door”. This confirms the Echo Show is receiving the notification that motion is detected from the Ring.

So why is it refusing to perform the routine, the same routine that works and plays correctly when I test/preview it?

Things I Have Tried:
I have removed both the Echo Show and Ring from the Alexa App, de-registered the Echo Show and re-registered it, as well as reset the Ring by pressing and holding the orange button for 30 seconds. Even after all this (3 hrs), including re-configuring all the devices, it’s still doing the same thing!

Hi @ModifyInc. We have this Help Center article here on the steps to get Alexa Person and Package Detection Announcements, which allows you to get an automatic Live View of your Ring Camera feed on your Echo Show. Since you have tried all the basic troubleshooting steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.