Echo show 10 appears in Ring app but not my show 8

I linked the Ring and Alexa accounts and apps successfully and enabled Ring as a skill in my Alexa app. In the Ring app my Show 10 appears. Both my Show 8 & 10 are enabled in Alexa and the Ring cameras and doorbell pictures appear in both 8 & 10. Under find Alexa enabled devices and after invoking a search for enabled Alexa devices the Show 10 pops up but all I see is the message “cannot find alexa enabled devices” rather than the Show 8! Strange! Called Amazon and they confirmed the Alexa side shows both Show 8 and 10 enabled. Is there a glitch with the Ring app. I an located in Southern California Any advice?

Hi @PaulBr. The reason the Echo Show 10 appears in the Ring app is because it is one of the Alexa devices with the ability to be used as a Bridge for Smartlights. An Echo Show 8 will not appear in the Ring app. This does not affect your Echo devices’ ability to work as intended with notifications and showing you Live Views.

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