Echo dot will not provide doorbell press announcements!

  • Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)
  • Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Hi - am going crazy here! I keep on missing folks ringing our battery powered Ring Video Doorbell as the Echo Dot does not provide alerts for doorbell press announcements!

Have followed all the advice I can find online including:

  1. Linking and unlinking my Amazon account
  2. Disabling and re-enabling Ring skill in Alexa
  3. Echo Dot - do not disturb is off. I have turned it on and back off again
  4. My amazon, ring and Alexa login are all using the same email address

I am going crazy here and don’t wish to buy a Ring Chime especially as there is a wait until the middle of December for one now in the UK.

Can someone please help?!?!?

Thank you so much!

In the Alexa App - Devices - All Devices, select your Ring Doorbell and make sure Doorbell Press Announcements is on and that the Announcement Device has your Echo Dot selected.


Hi - thanks for that. Doorbell Press Announcements is on and Announcement Device is Echo Dot. Have toggled this off and back on and it still doesn’t work.

Any other ideas? Thank you so much!

Unless someone else has a suggestion you’ll need to call Ring Support. Be aware long wait times are the norm.
Contact Us – Ring Help

Hi there - forgot to add that I’d already called them and they were unable to help sadly!

Very much appreciate your help and quick responses. Thank you.

Does anyone else have a suggestion or someone from Ring?