Echo device announcements only work some of the time

I have my echo devices (2 dots and a spot), and firestick (4K max) all setup to receive alerts when the doorbell (pro 2) is pressed. However they only seem to work about half of the time. For example last night I tested it 3 times across the space of about 15 minutes and every time all 4 devices alerted. This morning I tested it and none of them did. Notifications on my phone work every time so it seems to be the integration into Alexa that breaks. All of my devices have strong signal (its only a small house) and the internet is plenty fast enough. I’ve tried unlinking and relinking the camera, resetting devices, checking for software updates etc but I just cannot get it to consistently work. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @user21614. Since the notifications are arriving to your phone without issue, you might try resetting your Alexa devices and ensuring they are fully updated. Then verify all of the notification settings for reach one after resetting them. If that doesn’t work, you can go to Amazon’s Alexa Help Center for further help.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring, all of the 4 devices have been reset, and checked for updates and I have checked the notification settings several times. The help center doesn’t seem to have anything of use regarding this issue, unless I missed something?

@user21614 You should be able to type in different search topics to find different articles they have on their Help Center which may help. Given that the notifications work on your phone without fail, and you have tried the basic troubleshooting steps, you may need to contact Alexa’s customer support to see if there is anything else you can try.

For anyone else finding this in the future, I tried using a ring chime to alert my as the echos weren’t working, however that also didn’t work consistently. Either all the echos + chime would go off or none of them would. Called support and not sure what they did, but now it appears all is working again, with echos and chime going off every time. They tried to blame it on my wifi / router but stuck with it and now its working. If you are having the same issue it might be worth purchasing / borrowing a chime and testing with that, because then ring support will be inclined to help as it is an issue with a ring->ring product.

EDIT: Still not working, but still engaging ring support. Appears from other posts enabling the alexa integration currently will stop some notifications getting to chime + alexas. From speaking to support sounds like a fix is being worked on and they are aware.

@user21614 Thanks for sharing updates as you’ve worked with our support team on this. As mentioned in the other thread, I have been sharing this information with my teams so they can keep it in mind when reviewing the Ring and Alexa integration. I did not merge the threads, given that your concern specifically entails alerts on the Alexa side rather than just on the Chime or Chime Pro. The feedback is still equally as valuable and appreciated!

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