Easy migration from base station gen 1 to 2

I want to upgrade my alarm base station from gen 1 to 2 (as I want to buy a bundle deal which is best value for sensors & alarm box & keypad & comes with base as standard in all packs) but understand it involves a very long & unnecessary process including cancellation & re-subscription & deactivation & reactivation of hardware & re-creating groups & customisation.
I understand from other replies from Ring support staff this is apparently “intentional” for security reasons, yet if its a straight swap & retain all the exact settings & hardware, there must be a more simple solution to swap over the base station that keeps security high & utilises 2 factor authentication or logged in app approval or even having to contact customer services to approve the change over. Upgrading hardware to latest generation is a given so if Ring make it difficult, then customers will stop doing it.
Making base station upgrades / migration easy via the app is a must.