Easier toggle for Motion activated lights on Floodlight

The Ring floodlight cam should have an easier way to toggle motion activated light detection on and off.
When sitting on the patio I often would like to disable motion activated lights and then easily switch motion detection back on (or even better the ability for Alexa to switch them back on).
Similarly when working in the garden during the winter I would like the lights to stay on permanently. In order to achieve this I need to disable motion activated lights and then toggle the lights on manually.
Currently this needs four clicks in the iOS ring app. It would be great if this could be achieved through the Alexa skill and a toggle near the “LIGHTS” toggle in the Floodlight control.

This should be an easy fix, on the app itself if the light is on you’ll see the bulb, why can’t they make it slightly bigger and we just tap it to turn the light off.