Easier power hookups for outdoor cams

I’m wanting to place a stick up or spot light cam just outside my garage door. The way I understand it as it stands is that in order to get the power supply to it I’d have to drill at least a 1/2" hole for the usb cable for the stick up cam or over a 1" hole to fit the wall plug on the spot light cam. What would be great is to have a way to just send a skinny bare wire through a much smaller hole and connect the power supply cable at the wall plug in.

I think that is against electrical wiring code. Neither a usb cable or a regular household plug that goes from a device (like a plug-in Ring camera) to a standard wall outlet is not designed or certified to go inside of walls.

IMHO you need either a battery cam, or a properly wired junction box that you can install a hardwired, permanent Ring spotlight camera to.

Thanks for the reply! Not sure if you are correct but if you are then ADT is likely breaking code violations all over the country. They have outdoor cams connected by a skinny wire, going thru the wall an into a plug in “wall wort” that allows for simple 2-wire screw-down connection of the wires to the plug in. In fact, this is the cam I’m trying to replace with a ring as the picture is much better quality.