Dusk to dawn schedule works, dusk to custom time does not

I have about 12 solar pathlights, 3 step lights, and 4 solar steplights. They all work fine with a dusk to dawn schedule but will not work if I use the option to turn off after X hours after dusk. The lights won’t turn on at dusk.

This happens regardless of light or the bridge. I had this problem when all my lights were on the same light bridge. I recently reset every light and put them on my ring alarm pro bridge (I’ve removed the old light bridge now), but same problem. It doesn’t matter if I configure each light individually or copy the schedule, any attempt to use the custom time to switch off results in a schedule that doesn’t work.

If I configure a dusk to dawn schedule on a light, the schedule takes effect almost immediately. But any attempt to use custom time and the light basically ignores it.