Duplicate account

I changed my wifi so I went through several tries to get things working again. I ended up resetting the system and I got everything working again. However, I now have two duplicate accounts with the same name and address. One account has Protect Plus and the other account has Protect Plus Trial and the Practice Mode. How do I combine the two accounts and get out of the Practice Mode?

Good question, @kh6dmx! The Ring app can hold several locations at once. In the case that a location was duplicated and showing up in your Ring app, you will want to move the location that is not in use. As you mentioned one location was already subscribed to a Protect Plan, this location would be best to keep.

If your subscription and devices happens to have gotten separated, I recommend logging in at Ring.com via web browser, and altering your plan section there, if the above steps did not work. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: