Driveway alarm for Ring Alarm


Having a purpose built Ring driveway alarm should be something I think, high up on the list. The issue of car break-ins and thefts are rampant throughout the US.

Just this past weekend, around 2:30am my floodlight cam went off, which is tied to my Alexa and verbally let me know that someone was in the driveway. I immediately opened the Ring app, but did not see anyone there… but did notice across the street a few cars were parked with their lights on. I was thinking it was my neighbors collage age son getting home late and didn’t think much more about it. In the morning, my neighbor across the street, knocked on our door to see if we had any footage around that time as his car ended up getting stolen. I reviewed the video and what I didn’t see when I originally opened the app at 2:30am was that a person tried to open my wife’s car door and my car door. As both doors were locked they proceeded across the street, which is when they stole his car. The point being that yes, the ring did notify me that someone was in the driveway but by the time I got the app opened (just seconds), they were already gone.

Having a purpose built driveway alarm that would allow you to set a zoned area, that when crossed, would immediately set off an alarm, flashing lights and other associated ring cameras would absolutely have thwarted not only the person from trying to get into our cars, but without a doubt, would have scared them away from the general area. This would be a natural and perfect solution for Ring to add to their mix.

Just a few side notes… my neighbor across the street and right next door to the house where the car was stolen, is a sheriff and that night he had his cruiser parked out front of his house. You can see one of the individuals walk by his house, as they were going from driveway to driveway, looking for easy targets. I would have thought having a sheriff as your neighbor would have made a difference, clearly not! Lastly, they did end up catching the thieves, 10am the next morning, after having smashed into another car and totaling my neighbors car… they were teenagers who also had stolen another car right before steeling my neighbors. A RING DRIVEWAY ALARM WOULD MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE AND HELP END THE PANDEMIC OF CAR BREAK_INS AND THEFTS!

Here is a picture of one of the people trying to break-in to my cars