Download Multiple Videos

Using the basic plan, the current system only allows one video to be downloaded at a time. Downloading multiple videos is tedious. It would be benificial to be able to select multiple videos and download then all in one download. Selection should be individually (Ctl & Click) or a range (Shift & Click).


I agree with Malcolm and downloading multiple video is very tedious if you have 60 alerts in a day with people arriving at party and you need to figure out by combining the clip and running them in 2x mode to see where is the incident spotted.

Please consider this option to serious enhancement and would help others in the community (such as police or watchmens) to review the video (not waisting there time)

Hope to hear on this soon.



I would also love a feature like this, but taken one step further - to an enhanced batch downloader. Select a time and date range and hit download. I would also request to have the videos auto-timestamped too.

That would be a GREAT feature, as the current system is tedious and frustrating beyond belief! It’s just not feasable to SCROLL down to 50-60 days ago on the website on the computer, especially as the site frequently just stops populating videos at a certain point. At least on the Android app, you can pick a date to jump too! I say this lovingly, but the way it works now is almost a joke!


Same thing applies even for the paid plan. This needs to be updated to allow for some/all of the videos to be downloaded. I can already select “all” events, but the download box is greyed out, please enable this functionality.

i would love to be able to download multiple videos. Seeing that i have to download one at a time is a pain. How the heck can we get them to add such a feature?

I wouldn’t mind if they download all as separate files even, but the process to download even one video is tedious, now try having to download 3 hours of recordings so you can work with them. This is a nightmare!