Download entire time line at a time or at least multiple videos at a time

Just set up multiple floods at my house. At first I really liked being able to view my videos etc. but just realized that I can only download one motion video at a time… lame! I’m having a patio installed and wanted to make a timelapse of the etire 3-day process. The plan was to go in and download all my videos and create a movie for the crew… with the ability to only select one video at a time it would take my 3 days just to download everything. When I called the service provider says we don’t have many request like this… my thought is why not?!? This is a video camera that captures video… why wouldn’t I want to be able to edit it, etc… Its riduclus to me that Ring is limiting the abilities only because they are doing security. Video has many usecases and the fact that I can’t use my own video cameras that I paid very good money for to capture my videos is making pretty upset. I’m halfway through the 30 day trail and truling thinking about unistalling my floods and returing them and with no extra features to download my video besides 1 at a time, there is no reason for me to purchase an additional plan. To me ring is like a bank… but instead of stroing my cash they are storing my videos. Their current method is like telling me I need to withdraw a milltion dollars, $1 at a time… aint no body got time for that.