Download 12 Hour Video Timeline

I need to give my county road commission an overnight video of the traffic on our road. I don’t see a way to download the complete timeline from 5pm to the following 4am. Downloading one hour chunks of time is ridiculously inconvenient on my phone and there are only four ‘movement’ videos online which surprises me since I thought I’d see the same thing on my online dashboard as I do on the app. Silly me! How do I download a complete chunk or earmark that part of the timeline with a link so the road commission can view it? (Android/Galaxy S22Ultra)

Hi @nightsmusic. Ring Cameras do not record 24/7, so there will not be a 12 hour section of continuous video to download or share. Video will be recorded when motion is detected, or the Live View is activated. Each event can be downloaded from the Event History. You can also create a share link for each event.

It sounds like you have Snapshot Capture enabled, which will take snapshot images at your selected frequency. These snapshot images can be viewed and downloaded from the Ring app, but they are not accessible on I hope this helps clear things up.

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