Downgrade from Ring Base Station Pro back to my old Ring Base Station

I pre-ordered the Ring Base Station Pro and was pretty excited about it, but it’s not working, and no one appears to be able to help (see Ring Base Station Pro on Ziply Fiber? ; I’ve also contacted Eero support to deal with the network issue, only to be told “it should work”; Reddit has been more supportive, but no suggestions worked either).

The Base Station Pro cannot connect to the internet; it’s constantly on the backup cell connection, which means it’s not functioning fully, and I’m not benefiting from any of the Pro additions, so I’ll send it back and ask for a refund.

Before I can do that, I need to switch back to my old regular Ring Base Station. “Upgrading” was easy, all devices and settings were ported over from my old base station to the Pro. But unfortunately, it seems like the same can’t be done to go back from the Base Station Pro back to my trusted, working old Ring Base Station.

What’s the easiest way to undo the mistake of trying to switch to the Ring Base Station Pro, so I can have a working, responsive alarm system again?


Hi @mrmlt. I would suggest contacting our support team about this so they can take a closer look at why your Base Station isn’t connecting to the internet. If you do decide to go back to your original Ring Base Station, they can also assist with getting your components set back up with that Base Station. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Is your connection straight from the ONT to the Ring Base Station Pro? No ‘in between’ switches or anything?

Can you connect a laptop or desktop straight to the ONT and if so, are you getting an IP address and can connect to the internet?

The base station should work the same way an Eero 6 router works.