Doorbell without internet - chime doesn't ring

My internet is down, but internal wifi is working fine.

I have a doorbell and a chime, but it doens’t seem to work if there is no internet connection, even though wifi is fine.

Why does it need internet to ring? How do I fix this?

Most Ring devices are wifi enabled and require a connection to operate as intended. When a network outage occurs this can and will often impact the connection needed for your Ring devices to communicate with each other and your Ring app.

To reconnect your Ring device to your network, follow the steps in our Help Center article. :slight_smile:

My wifi were running as usual, but the internet connection was lost. The internet connection were fixed after 2 days, and then the door bell worked as expected again.

Findings: ring doorbell needs internet access in order to work
Expected: ring doorbell should be able to commicate with chime without internet :frowning: