Doorbell without internal cam, but optional linked to existing cam

I would suggest new hardware.

I’m asking for a simple and small doorbell button (without camera, with battery and ip44/54/65-class).

Usefull for mounting at a fence/garden gate/driveway, which is then linked to a ring camera mountet at the building walls oder house.

So if someone rings at the garden gate the separetet camera will be activated. Anyting else will be similar to a normal ring doorbell with camera.

Of course you have to check to have signal at your garden gate or maybe be able to wire your gate.
Also there are many more options with this type of hardware. You can link them to all cams and use it as “record all cams for xx seconds” or use it as doorbell without picture, but with notifications over alexa. Maybe it can also be used as button to activate routines or something else.

But i would like to separate doorbell button and wall-mounted cam in my setup.

My approach is really simple. Make an amazon dash button with IPXX for outdoor and integrate it into ring-system.

additional information: i’m located in germany, there are no dash buttons anymore to build it for myself.