Doorbell: To speed up camera viewing access, pls process the first 5s of recording first

To open the camera view more quickly after motion is detected, please process the first 5-seconds of the recording first and then allow the user to watch this.
As it stands the doorbell processes the whole recording which takes way too long!
Viewing the first few seconds gives a good indication of the reason for capture. No need to wait until the end.
The rest of the video can be processed in the background.
Please support!


Great idea, I find it so frustrating getting a motion alarm and not able to view it!

This is a great idea! Can be applied to any of the cameras. Please add.

This is a really really good idea! Even a static snapshot until the video can play. Same thing with Live View - show a static snapshot use Live View loads.

Or, optionally, it can appear like Pre-Roll, but instead, speed up the video (optimally 3x) where motion was detected (the parts you missed since the ring or motion detected) in a thumbnail while still viewing live view, and give context to a motion notification.

Hey neighbors! We’re excited to announce our new feature that you may like, Rich Notifications. This is very similar to the requests made here in this thread. You can learn more about this feature in our Community Post here. Please note that this feature is **currently slow rolling ** and we appreciate your patience while we work to get it to all our neighbors!

Ok how do you set up this 5sec review?

This is probably the most frustrating Ring issue for me. Good product overall but the responsiveness of the doorbell is anxiety producing for me! Great suggestion. +1

The time between motion detected or ring bell activated and being able to see and communicate with the visitors is so slow, nothing like advertised.