Doorbell spacing too narrow

I have a 3/4" space where my original doorbell pushbutton is. My Ring 2 doorbell does not fit even remotely close to mount it in the same location. The corner bracket (sold separately) or any of the wedges will not work. If I were to try and mount any of these devices, they would be yanked out the first time I tried to open my storm door. I do not have any other options. I googled this and have found a true corner bracket that would appear to work. It would wrap around and be surface mounted to the front facing brick and at the same time house and conceal the two transformer wires. However, I do not know where to purchase this. I cannot be the only person with this problem as many in my neighborhood have the same type of door frame (too narrow to mount anything). Ring, you have failed to consider this and come up with a viable solution. Help!

Did you ever resolve this issue? Mine is identical. Thank you.