Doorbell ringing mechanical chime multiple times rapidly on every press

I installed a Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 yesterday (hardwired), following the instructions exactly, and everything seems to work exactly as it should - except for one thing:

Every time the button is pressed on the Ring doorbell my indoor (mechanical) chime goes nuts. It rings multiple times in rapid succession (maybe 15 times) and then stops. It’s like someone was pressing the button outside rapidly a bunch of times for a few seconds.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? My house is brand new construction, and the chime is new with the house as well. Do I need to replace it with a digital (speaker) unit?

All I did with the chime was install the ring pro power kit by connecting it to the FRONT and TRANS terminals (keeping the old wires there as well).

Hi @mxrider108. I would recommend checking to make sure your mechanical chime is compatible with the Pro 2 using this Help Center page. If it is not compatible, then it would explain why this is happening, and you would not be able to use your chime with the Pro 2. If it is compatible, check to make sure you have the In-home Chime Setting set to mechanical and not digital. To find this setting, go to your Doorbell’s settings page and select Device Settings. You can also try rebooting your Doorbell using the Ring app to see if it helps. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance.

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