Doorbell ring not sent to chime if motion is active

Hey guys,

In the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that I don’t always get ring alerts through the chime. So I started to miss a couple of deliveries where they’d rung the bell but I hadn’t answered.

After a bit of trial and error I realised if I set off motion and then ring the doorbell it is this combination that stops the ring being sent to my chime. If the motion isn’t triggered first then the doorbell ring comes through.

I phoned the ring support and was told that a recent update means that if a motion event is still active then the doorbell ring event won’t trigger. So if the motion is still active/being recorded I won’t receive a ring event if someone rings my door. Is this true, has anyone else experienced or been informed of this?! It doesn’t make sense if so as it’s only a few seconds walk from where the motion of my front garden is to getting to our front door. So if someone walks through the small front garden to ring my doorbell then I’ll get the motion event but not a doorbell ring!

Any feedback or advice on this is appreciated. Thanks.

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It’s rediculous that it fails as its main purpose. I have noticed this also. So unless the person approaching door is some kind of ninja, they will Always set off the motion before the ring.
If I’m out and about I don’t Always immediately look to see what the motion alert is either as generally postman or wife taking bin out etc.

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Totally agree. Unless they parachute in or something I’m always going to get motion! I was hoping I’d just been given duff advice but if you’ve had the same problem it’s worrying as well as annoying.

Surely this can’t be an update?!

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Hey there, neighbors. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community. At this time the intended delivery of Chime alerts for motion and ring events are as follows;

  • For the Doorbell Pro and Elite: A ring notification will not occur when directly following a ring, when the event is still in progress. There will also not be a ring notification for a couple seconds after motion event has already been triggered or notified for.
  • For battery powered Video Doorbells: A ring notification will not occur when directly following a ring, when the event is still in progress. When a motion and ring event occur simultaneously, the Chime will attempt to notify of both. This will depend on timing and network connection.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem too.

I am recieving motion alerts on my chime but not the doorbell alert.

I got this doorbell for security and accuracy but am actually missing real people at my door so pretty pointless really! When i am at home I shouldnt have to look out of the window or on my phone each time i get a motion (which is regularly as dogs and buses set it off when passing by)

This has only been happening for the past few weeks. I have spoken to Ring who replaced my chime but this has still not rectified the problem. Can anyone help?

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Seriously, how does that help?! Why not have a setting that gives you this option rather than completely take it away!

I appreciate you may have had feedback that some people didn’t want a doorbell alert straight after a motion alert. Now though you’ve got people like us on this thread that have the problem that we want the alert…and for good reason!

It’s perfectly logical for someone to walk down someone’s drive within a couple of seconds and to ring the bell (which I want to hear). It’s also possible that someone/thing might just trigger a motion and there be no doorbell. We (I do certainly) need to cater for both scenarios.

Instead you’ve now got people like us constantly paranoid that we’ll miss a doorbell ring when we hear motion. My wife and I are now having to check our phones more often and/or get to the door in case we miss the ring as the chime doesn’t set it off. It’s ridiculous and unfair.

I’ve changed the motion settings but now I might miss some motion alerts that I wanted to verify. And I still miss the occasional ring as the motion always goes off before someone rings the door. Whoever thought to change the chime to behave like this needs to find another job, what a ridiculous change to make without consulting people more. You should be at least having an option to choose to switch off a subsequent ring (or how long a delay before an event will be sent) or not. Really disappointed with such a drastic change.