Doorbell (ring) events produce 12 minute recordings

I have a Pro 2. Every doorbell ring event it will record for 12 minutes. During this time, I am unable to press the doorbell button again for additional chimes. Nothing happens when pressed for a second or subsequent time. The app is set to record for 60 seconds (side note, why am I seeing a minimum duration of 50 seconds?). The only other device that gets a live feed when a ring event occurs is my Samsung Smart Fridge. But those feeds stop on the fridge after about a minute or so.

Hi @diehardbattery. These recordings would likely be Live Views, since they time out at around 10 minutes. Even though the Live View appears to end about a minute on your Samsung Smart Fridge, I’m guessing it doesn’t properly close out the Live View, so it is still running for the full duration. Try testing a Doorbell ring without the Samsung Fridge’s Live View, and answer the ring on your phone. Keep the Live View open for only about a minute and then close it. The recording should only be as long as the duration of the Live View.

Our teams here don’t directly create and manage the Ring app that is on the Samsung Fridge, so there is the potential of things not working as they would with the Ring app on your phone. If it does appear that this issue is isolated to the Live View on the Samsung Fridge, you can try some of the troubleshooting steps in this thread.