Doorbell recording for longer than it should

What determines how long the Ring Doorbell 3 records for? I can see there is an option to set the recording length for motion, which I have set to 15 seconds and works fine. However, there is no option to set the recording length when someone actually rings the doorbell.

Previously, when someone rang the doorbell it would record for about 30 seconds each time, but since the last app update, the doorbell now records for 3 minutes 20 seconds (give or take a second). There is no ongoing motion so no reason for it to be recording for that long.

This is obviously a drain on the battery, and becasue the doorbell wont allow another press whilst it’s still recording, it’s effectively useless as a doorbell during each recording.

Is anyone having a similar issue or know how to resolve this?

Hi @johnwi. Do you have the Live View activated after someone rings the Doorbell? If you answer the notification when someone rings the Doorbell and you have the Live View open, it will record the entire duration of the Live View. If this is not the case, would you mind sharing an example of the long recording you receive when someone rings the Doorbell?

When attaching this video, you will need to compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file, as ZIP files can be attached to your reply and not MP4s. In addition, you can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply. Alternatively, if the video is saved in the Event History in your Ring App, you can choose to share it via email and copy the link that is generated. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply.

No, I do not have the live view activated, this occurs regardless of whether the ring is answered or not.

I have spoken to one of your support guys today, and via a process of elimination, it might seem to be related to this being linked to an Amazon Echo Show. This was set to automatlcially show the video feed of the doorbell if rung, and was doing so without problem until recently.

However, over the last few days it’s failing to show that video feed, and when this notification option is turned off within the Echo Show settings, the doorbell seems to revert to correctly recording only 30 seconds again.

I was told by the support guy to raise the issue with Amazon but have not had the chance to do that yet, so have no idea yet if this is actually the issue, or what the solution might be.

@johnwi Yes, if the Doorbell is linked to an Amazon Echo Show and set up to automatically show the Live View when the Doorbell button is pressed, that would count as the Live View and it would record for longer than the time frame you had set. The time frame you have set in the Ring App doesn’t apply to Live Views, as you choose when to initiate and end a Live View, and it records for the whole duration that you have it up. If the Echo Show is not working properly to display the Live View, it would be best to reach out to their support team directly.

I think you have somewhat missing the point here and perhaps dont fully understand the intergration with Amazon. My problem is that the Echo Show is no longer showing the live view automatically even though it is set to do so, and for some reason it seems that is causing the video to record for longer than it should.

When working correctly the Echo Show will show the live view after the doorbell is pressed and will cut off automatically after 20 seconds or so, the user does not have to end it manually.

You additionally mention the ‘time frame you have set’, however, there is no option to set the time frame for when the doorbell is pressed, this only exists for motion. What setting are you referring to?

I will indeed contact Amazon regarding this issue, but I very much doubt the issue lies with them, and in fact lies with Ring.

You latest update (released towards the end of October) has introduced a series of bugs and issues, which is clear from just reading the lastest posts on this very forum. I myself have had 4 separate issues with the doorbell since your last release:

  1. no longer receiving any notifications on my iPhone - now resolved by uninstalling the app, restarting the iPhone, then reinstalling the app

  2. unable to set the app notification alerts to any other than silent - unresolved

  3. unable to view doorbell event on Echo Show - unresolved

  4. doorbell events recorded for 3 minutes 20 seconds rather than 30 seconds - unresolved

I spent 2 hours on the phone with your support guys yesterday trying to find a solutions to the last 3 issues above with no success. In effect my Ring doorbell is now effectively useless and I am one step away in ditching this unreliable product for something I can trust will work