Doorbell Pro - Lost ability to connect to non DFS Channels


I’ve had my Ring Doorbell Pro for around 6 years, it’s pretty much worked flawlessly being connected to the 5Ghz band on channel 44. Then several months ago I found that it was offline and would no longer see the 5Ghz band unless I selected a channel over 100. The problem with this is that it is a DFS channel and in my area it doesn’t matter which DFS channel I select, it ends up switching channels due to radar detection and eventually ends up on a non DFS channel with the doorbell offline.

The 2.4Ghz band does not work well for me, too much interference, which is the main reason I purchased a 5Ghz version of the doorbell.

I want to know why Ring have taken it upon themselves to disable the ability for my doorbell to connect to non DFS channels via a firmware update. It’s had the ability to connect to non DFS channels for years and the world hasn’t ended. So why has this been taken away resulting in a far less stable experience not just for the doorbell but for virtually everything else I have connected to the 5Ghz band. The functionality needs to be restored as it’s severely impacting my home network and has made the doorbell extremely unreliable where as previously it was flawless.

Hi @SirCozak. You can connect your Ring Doorbell Pro to a 5GHz network via channels 100 and above. Channels 36-64 are not available. This is due to different regulations in the UK regarding which types of devices can use specific wifi channels. Channels 36-64 are for indoor wireless only, which would exclude a device like the Doorbell Pro.

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