Doorbell Pro, Alexa, smart plug.

Hi all… I have set up an Alexa routine so that when Motion is detected on my Ring video doorbel Pro, it then turns on a Teckin smart socket, into which is plugged a floodlight.
Then set up another routine so that when " no motion" is detected for "1 minute` , then that triggers the smart socket to turn off.
So far, so good, … When someone approaches doorbell, motion detects as it should, smart socket triggers as it should, stays on for approx 1 minute, then turns off, as it should.
Tested all the above over and over, and it works fine.
BUT… When someone approaches and actually presses the doorbell , the motion triggers on approach as above, but instead of turning off after 1 minute as it should do, the socket stays on, ( Until I eventually have to turn it off manually ).

No idea what might be going on here, But any help or idea`s appreciated.