Doorbell or stick up cam or plug in cam - help me decide :)

Hi all. I’ve got one ring doorbell and I love it, but I’m trying to determine my best option for the back door. I would love to get the stickup cam - though i’m not sure what makes it better or worse than the door bell - anything? Is the pan/zoom worth it? I would have to use a plug in. I could plug it in at the back door, there is an outlet there. Or I could mount it off the second floor of my house and run a power cord out a window. Does the placement height make a big difference with motion sensing? My door bell already doesn’t catch someone pulling into the driveway-even though it should. I thought the camera might be a better way to get it facing right where I want it. I’m a little iffy on plugging a security camera in where some intruder could just unplug it - even though they would be on camera doing it! Any recommendations? I hope I haven’t missed the Memorial Day sale! thanks!

Hi @happypessimist. The decision is up to you, as either the Doorbell or Stick Up Cam would be suitable for the back door. Most Ring Doorbells are usually installed at around 48 inches high. This allows the Doorbell to detect visitors as they’re walking up to your front door.

As for the Stick Up Cam, it’s typically installed between 7 to 9 feet high. If it’s installed too high or too low, this will negatively impact the motion detection. We have a Security Camera placement guide here, which can give you a better idea of where you might want to place the Stick Up Cam if you decide to go that route.