Doorbell notifications when iphone is on silent

Allow option for the ring app to still sound loud when the doorbell goes and your iPhone is on silent.


I agree, but this is the third request I have seen asking for this feature. I thought there was a way to stop people from repeating requests? Is there a way to combine them? I presume someone is keeping an eye on requests and would prioritise working on them according to the number of people requestion them. So, combining all the requests into one post would be advantageous.

Yes, there is. Has been asked several times before.,enable%20or%20disable%20the%20feature.

That article was published in April of 2020, and it is now August, 4 months later. I do not have the option described in the article, so perhaps something is wrong with the update process, either on Ring’s side or on Apple’s side. That could be why people keep asking about this.

I just checked; I don’t even have “Notifications” under settings, let alone an option to “Allow Critical Alerts”

From the article:

To check and see if you have received the update, go to Settings > Notifications > Ring. If you have the update, an option to “Allow Critical Alerts” will appear at the top of the screen. Users can choose to enable or disable the feature.

My phone’s screen for Settings > Notifications > Ring has no mention of Critical Alerts.

Note that you can get to the same screen by going to Settings > Ring > Notifications.

This is what I get under “settings”

Well… I attempted to insert a screenshot, but I don’t know how. I have inserted one in another thread, but can’t find the option here. In any case, this is all that is showing under settings in my App:


My address

General Settings

Name >

Change Address >

Location Setting



Delete Location

All devices must be removed before a location can be deleted.