Doorbell not ringing inside the house without wifi

My new Ring Door 3 Plus does not give any sound inside of the house if my wifi is temporary down. I have it connected to Echo Show 8. Is this right? I understand no video, motion detection etc. that are running on wifi but no sound inside the house at all? How do I know if anyone is outside why I am in so I can open i.e. for delivery or post? Just to add I can’t have any cables running from inside to outside hence I went for wireless system. My old doorbell that costed me £20 didn’t have any cables but the doorbell outside talked to the chime that was inside connected to power socket. Surely Ring has some kind of back up for a situation when wifi is down temporary so there is at least this basic function of notifying people inside the house that there is sme by the door. Any thoughts?

Hi @monika851. To clarify, is your Doorbell hardwired to an existing doorbell circuit in your home, or are you referring to a Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro? If the Doorbell does not have an internet connection, it will not be able to communicate with the Chime or Chime Pro if it detects motion or if the button is pressed. A wifi connection is required for the Doorbell to operate and notify you of when someone is at your door.

Hi, Thanks for this. I get that but seems odd to me that Ring decided that it is ok (if wifi is down temporarily) the doorbell doesn’t even has this most basic functionality of ringing inside the house to notify that there is someone at the door for example with delivery. Forget about videos and motion detection etc., I am talking really about it just beeing a simple doorbell when it can’t do all of those other great things. Perhaps this is something for developers to look at?

@monika851 Can you please clarify if the Doorbell is wired to an existing doorbell circuit with a chime kit inside the house? Or do you only have a Ring Chime or a Ring Chime Pro? The Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro both plug into a standard power outlet, while an existing chime kit in the house will be wired up via the transformer and the doorbell wires.