Doorbell not connecting to wifi

I setup my ring 2 doorbell but since fitting it to the wall outside my WiFi signal isn’t strong enough for the doorbell to work. I purchased a WiFi extender today but the doorbell won’t connect to it (I have connected my phone to it so it’s not a problem with the extender) has anyone got any advice on this?

We are here to help, @jexxicah. You are certainly on the right track for improving wifi connection. While there are many variables a wifi extender can present, your Video Doorbell should be able to connect to most standard 2.4 Ghz wifi extenders. Once this extender is setup on your network, the Video Doorbell should be able to connect to it either automatically, or by completing a setup in the Ring app.

Although you’ve already purchased an extender that sounds to be working as intended, our Chime Pro extends wifi signal as well, and dedicates that signal to Ring devices only, for an easy in app setup and linking.

Bringing the Doorbell inside can also help with a quicker connection to the extender. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: