Doorbell Live View not automatically displaying on Echo Show 5 (UK)

I think I’ve followed the steps, choosing notification & Live View for my new Echo Show 5 in Alexa App (UK) / Devices / Cameras / “Front Door” (Ring Doorbell1) but it’s still only showing a text notification on my Show 5 screen. ( I disabled Ring skill, signed out of Alexa app, signed back in and re-enabled Ring skill, but still no.) What am I doing wrong?

Hi @JulsM. Is it showing a text notification for a Doorbell press or for motion detected? As it will only be able to show the Live View automatically upon a Doorbell press. This Help Center Article may be helpful, and if you can’t find a solution there, you’ll find a link to Amazon Alexa’s support center at the bottom. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: