Doorbell Hardwire Not recording motion

A person rang my doorbell at 540 AM, and the chime was heard. It turned out to be an Amazon delivery. When I checked the live view on my phone there was no one there. I checked the history, but there was no recording of anyone walking up the walkway or actually ringing the bell. I checked another camera, which includes the walkway, both the doorbell and the floodlight camera indicated motion, but no video. I have a mesh wifi system and have devices within 10-12 feet of each camera. The device health shows the signal strength for one camera as RSSI-37 and RSSI-31 for the other.

When I contacted technical support, I was told to reboot both devices. However, there was no “Reboot” option under the Device Health tab for either device. The representative rebooted the cameras and I was instructed to observe the cameras for a week and see if that helped. Not knowing if my cameras are operating for a week is kinda scary.

Hi @tweedy_CA. If your doorbell button is pressed, and a motion event is created, it can take a few minutes to show up in your Ring app. You should instantly receive a notification on your phone and be able to Live View right away as well. If you are not seeing this in your History, please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.