Doorbell Elite adapter for mounting to brick?

Is there a special (UK, European?) adapter for the Elite, for use on brickwork? The US arrangement seems to need a very large and deep hole for the orange adapter.
Or is it OK to discard the adapter and screw the Elite itself direct to the bricks? Or make a pattress?
That way, I need only drill a small hole for the cables through to the cavity behind the brickwork.
Grateful for any guidance, please.

The uk version has a solid plastic US junction box that goes into the wall - the product itself sticks into the wall about 3-4cm in the middle section - you may be able to reduce the size of the hole, but then it may not properly weather seal everything, and could cause problems.


You need to cut a hole in the wall to use the elite as it needs to be countersunk into the wall itself. It was designed to fit into a standard US junction box and as stated comes with this adaptor/bracket in the box. PoE is much better than WiFi if you have the wiring but the Elite is well out of date now when it comes to features and Ring need to get a new PoE solution out that doesn’t need a massive hole cut in the your house to install.

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Thanks to Groundhogday and bemak187 for helpful, if disappointing, replies.
There’s no way the average DIYer (like me) wants to carve the brickwork about to the extent the US arrangement seems to demand.
So I would propose making a hardwood pattress say 30mm thick to attach to the brick by the usual wallplugs, with a hole generously sized to allow for the rear of the Ring unit. Silicone mastic should look after weatherproofing at least as well as the US fitting. I’m guessing that the brickwork itself would then only need a modest 15mm hole to accept the RJ45 plug on the cable.
Can anyone say if this would be reasonable? I realise that the bell then protrudes from the wall a lot, but hopefully not that much more than my existing Pro version.
Thanks for your thoughts.