Doorbell & Echo show 8 Auto Live View Bug/Issue


Found an issue when you have the following setup with Ring and Echo Show 8 using a Ring doorbell (2nd generation).

If you have an Amazon household account setup and add the ring skill to both accounts (so both accounts can say show front door etc) and someone rings the doorbell, the echo show displays the auto live view, but when the live view auto closes and ring goes back to its normal screen, the ring device stays connected and hangs recording for muliple minutes if in profile B - so it seems that the close connection command does not reach the doorbell (blue light stays on ring) if the current profile is not the original account ring/amazon account (lets say profile A)

So to sum up:

It works fine on Profile A (live view comes on, live view goes off and ring doorbell closes connection, stops recording and the light goes out, but…

when the echo show is in profile B the auto live view comes on, auto live view goes off but the ring camera keeps recording for multiple minutes and the light stays blue - it can take from 60 seconds to 3 minutes to get back to its resting state so that the bell can be pressed again.

any ideas?