Doorbell does not connect to chime


I have tried to connect the Ring doorbell 3 to my chime for hours, both automatically and manually, but it does not connect.

The automatic chime detection notifies that “something went wrong” and the manual detection does not work. I have a compatible chime: Friedland D3230A.

On device health, the system states that it is connected to my network (RSSI-70), but that being said I can not get the “live view” activated.

Any tips?

Hi there, @janmoh. Resolving the RSSI concerns should certainly improve the Ring app experience all around. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimising this signal strength. Limiting the distance and interfering obstacles between the router and Doorbell will help for best connection. This will help for chime detection and live view connection. :slight_smile: