Doorbell disconnecting, and poor battery life

I have 2x battery powered wireless stick up cams and 1 gen 3 ring doorbell and between the 3 camera’s I am changing the battery once a week on recommended settings. How long should I be getting out of battery life? Because this is terrible if you ask me.
And wifi for the ring doorbell, I have strong wifi signal but the doorbell will disconnect and then doesn’t want to reconnect again, the other two stick up cams are also on the same wifi and I never have issues with them in regards to wifi.
So far I am not having a good run with ring at all the cameras have been less then reliable to say the least.

Hi @Jakem. What is the RSSI for the devices? And on average, how many activations (Motion recordings or Live View) does the device have per day? These are both factors that contribute to battery drain.

Also, thank you for sharing the image above, it looks like you are using the recommended settings which will really help with your battery life. You may also want to verify that your devices are connecting to your router through the correct ports and protocols. You can look at this Help Center article here for assistance with that. Let me know if this helps!