Doorbell chime through ring alarm base

Just purchased the doorbell after having the Ring alarm system for a year. It does seem a bit odd that the doorbell cannot be used with the base station to function as the device to sound indoors. I haven’t seen much response from Ring in regard to this other than other threads on here directing people here. Please provide at least an update as to why this has not or cannot be done, because it simply seems that there is a lack of response to a question that multiple customers are curious about and a feature that would be welcome across your customer base that uses the security system.

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Well, I’m glad I bought a minimal system. Pretty much fed up with the limitations of Ring. Time to find a better solution. I will definitely inform my friends to not waste money on Ring.

They clearly don’t care about customer satisfaction. This should be such a simple thing to address. As soon as I find another solution, I’m yanking out the Ring system. Just glad I didn’t buy a big system.

Has there been any response on this topic from Ring??

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Ring can’t be bothered.